Fallout 3 – Raider Vault

5 Sep
Game: Fallout 3
Tools: Garden of Eden Creation Kit (G.E.C.K.)
Download: AdamK_vault74a.esp (35.2 KB)

To familiarize myself with the Fallout 3 engine, I started the Vault 74 tutorial on the Bethesda website. I quickly grasped the basics of the editor, and decided to elaborate on the vault I was building.

Even though raiders are portrayed throughout the Fallout 3 campaign as vicious and anarchistic, I would imagine that a group of bandits would need to be fairly organized in order to keep a vault in working condition. To reflect this image, the vault features characteristics that are in line with the vision of an abandoned or neglected facility (cave-ins, refuse, blood smears,) while still retaining basic functionality, like emergency lighting.

Within the vault, the raiders go about their daily activities such as eating, sleeping, exercising, patrolling, and using the few terminals that still exist in the vault.

I included a diverse range of gameplay options within the vault, including traps, physically and electronically locked doors, turrets controlled by remote terminal, and a wide range of raiders in various states of combat readiness and armament.


Living quarters for the raiders.

Caved in room near a defensive turret.

Clinic, located off of the main hall.

Second shot of the clinic.

A raider in the clinic takes a meal break.

Just inside the vault’s entrance.

A guard node where the entrance joins the main hall.

A raider exercising in his quarters.


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