5 Sep
Game: Red Faction: Guerilla
Tools: Chunk LayOut Editor (CLOE)
Download: currently unavailable

This map was an exercise to learn and develop content using Volition’s Chunk LayOut Editor, or CLOE.

Overlook is a small town or outpost, about half of which is under EDF control. In Capture the Flag matches, the Red Faction flag is positioned on a high ledge, while the EDF flag sits securely in the EDF HQ on the opposite side of the map. The Red Faction base is wide open, but takes its strength from its height. If the catwalks leading up to the Faction base are destroyed, the attacking EDF must either repair them, or use the jetpacks and thrust packs in the area to gain access. The EDF base is heavily fortified, but a back route is available through use of the catwalk leading up and around the spire in the EDF base.

In Damage Control, the three control points are located at the bottom of the Red Faction’s cliffside base, just next to the guard tower in the EDF compound, and between the comm station and the water tower. This gives each team a point near their initial starting location, with the third point being roughly equidistant to each team’s start.

All the weapons available in multiplayer are present in Overlook. Most of the more powerful weapons have the counterbalance of being placed in and on top of structures that are vulnerable to being destroyed (which in turn, destroys the weapon spawn.) In addition, many weapons are hidden in crates, boxes and other enclosed areas.

Overlook supports all multiplayer modes, with the exception of Siege.


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