URGENT 8/16: I’ve removed my most recent project, the tabletop game Guild Dice, pending a sales discussion with a publisher. It may return, negotiations permitting.

Here’s where I’ve got most of my design work. If you’re looking for smaller design projects, I suggest you also look through the blog archives off to the right.

Janus Gate (Unreal engine – some of everything)

Correction (Board game – systems design and graphic design)

Overlook (Red Faction Guerilla – level design)

Raider Vault (Fallout 3 – level design)

Disparate (Unreal Tournament – level design)

Squad Combat (Card game – systems and content design)

Untitled CCG (Card game – systems design)

Robot Picnic (Video game – systems design)

Rune Combat (Video game – systems design)

RFG Mod (Video game – systems design)


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