Janus Gate

17 Sep

Download here

Janus Gate is an Unreal engine game that I made with a team of four other students while in the Game Design program at Full Sail University.

The game’s general premise and base mechanic is that it is a top-down shooter, but everything you do is recorded to be played back against you as an enemy. Each level consists of many waves, where you have to kill every iteration of yourself so far through the level without letting any of them hit you with an attack, or let any of them escape the level. Early waves start out simple, then the intensity of the game rises dramatically, and every errant shot and extra twitch the player has becomes another issue for them to deal with the next wave.

Here is the Trailer for the game, and the presentation which we submitted to the project.

If you’re interested in trying it out, use this link to download the most recent stable build.



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